📢 #FreeCAD #News Official release (v0.20) is rescheduled for Monday June 13th. Technically the release will officially be tagged the night before but build packages will be built overnight + available the next day.

Here's the announcement:

Almost there!

just read the release notes of #freecad version 0.20, lots of really cool new features and improvements. And for quite a few things that have been bugging me in the past, as well.
Awesome! Looking forward to it!

new in my shop: Light detector, 5V, based on photodiode and opamp -- 5V daylight intensity sensor, for direct connection to AD converter of microcontroller tindie.com/products/offerman/l "A modern alternative to the traditional voltage divider circuits based on photoresistors (i.e. LDR's containing cadmium). Photodiodes provide only a small current when light is falling onto the silicon, so they need an operational amplifier before the output can be delivered to an AD converter for readout."

No 24-channel driver chips available before May/June, or even 2023! ( TLC5947, PCA9956B, PCA9957, PCA9626B).
What to do: wait, or redesign using cascaded chips with less channels?

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